Everyone loves a good Boogie

View from the Flyer

Nee Soon Town Council had a real treat for it’s cleaners last weekend with a sumptuous buffet dinner and boogie, followed by a ride up the Singapore Flyer. We were honoured to have been invited to join them, not minding being the unofficial photographer too!

The boogie started when the emcee belted out bhangra hits, getting the crowd hyped up and in the groove. Within the beat, a breakdancer somehow emerged. There were different dance group configurations as well, supervisor-worker, male-female and everyone joined in the fun.

Soon, we joined the queue to board the Flyer. The Bangladeshi men in our cabin spoke of our home, curiously observing the changes in the Singapore’s skyline based on their memories from their arrival here.

Our new friends for the night!

Many of them video-called their family; wives, kids and friends, wanting to share this precious moment with them, striving to have the best photos taken of themselves for memories keepsake. Most were in their 20s, some new to Singapore whilst a few have spent 5–10 years here.

Amidst it all we saw a slice of Bangladesh, their home.

At the peak of the flyer overlooking the skyline, the mood was pensive yet electrifying, some endearingly held one another, others calling out to their loved ones over the phone, excitedly pointing out landmarks in the distance.

Regardless of status as a worker, supervisor, manager or MP, everyone got together for a night of good fun.

We ended the night on a high note, watching runners of Star Wars run geared up at the starting line in the distance, light sabers from Gardens by the Bay illuminating the skyline, drones circling above our heads.

If there was one thing that we experienced that night, it was that migrant workers feel just the same as all of us. Excited at new sights, wanting to share a moment with family and loved ones, trying to make a living sacrificing being away from home for long lengths, in order to have a better life.

Our forefathers were the same low-wage migrants, opportunities were given for them to be a part and actively contribute to society. Hoping collectively for a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Ain’t it pretty much the same?

Geylang Adventures Represent
Thank you Nee-Soon Town Council and MP Louis Ng Kok Kwang for allowing us to be a part of this moment and share the joy of the contributions of our new friends!

A Note from the Organizer

At Geylang Adventures, the key goal has been to bring people together through a series of initiatives, helping to spark the conversation and allow everyone (locals or not) to get to know the community that resides in this space. We believe Geylang Adventures to be a bottom-up initiative in changing social norms and perception.

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