Panel Report with Alan Borning and Laura Barboza

Alan Borning — OBA

Here is the summary of what I learned about the interaction design prototyping for OBA. I was familiar about the OneBusAway project before listening to Mr. Borning presented some different aspects of the project. After an interesting overview, he talked about the process of development, and how did the project expanded over time. The topic that stood out to me was how difficult was to get the data because I thought the connections between the data would be more challenging. He talked about why the metro authority was reluctant to provide them arriving time and scheduled arrival times of buses, and how the students overcame the obstacles and finish the project.

Laura Barboza — Nordstrom

The main point that Ms. Barboza mentioned during her speech was the importance of communicating with costumers. In order to give it’s costumers the best and most efficient service, the Nordstrom project took a long time because it conducted three different usability tests. And the usability tests really stood out to me. They interviewed on the font, colors, functionalities etc. of the website to several different people, and before each usability test, the members of the group gathered to fix the problem appeared in the previous test.


For my interaction design of an app, I would find some people to test out on my prototype. Because I learned that conducting usability test is an really important part of the project. And I would also fix the problem after every usability test, so that the problems don’t overlap among participants. For my usability test, I would collect more than three various types of data from the users, and I would create a more realistic scenario for the participants. Also I would write out a clear script and schedule of the tests, so that it’ll be more organized and efficient.

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