Why all stoners should go to granny for High Tea.

Blow a smoke ring to the Western Cape High Court, who ruled on 31 March 2017 that South Africans over 18 may not be prohibited from possessing, purchasing, or cultivating cannabis for personal consumption in private dwellings.

The Western Cape High Court gave Parliament until 31 March 2019 to change sections in two laws that made dealing in, or possession of any part of the cannabis plant a crime.

Note, the court only wants to change those parts of the law which prevents people from using the plant in their private dwellings.

This means the fuzz lost one important battle in their so-called “war on drugs”, the war is not over.

It is still illegal to travel with plant or posses even a seed in public.

Yep, WTF, right?

It is now up to all stoners and medicinal cannabis users to put pressure on our overpaid and underworked members of parliament to REPEAL all laws against cannabis.

Do this by writing to the Portfolioo Committee on Health via the commitee secreteriat, currently Ms Vuyokazi Majalamba on vmajalamba@parliament.gov.za to demand on behalf of any group that you represent, be it a stokvel, large family, or a sports team, that all laws banning cannabis must be repealed and for the plant to be treated like tobacco or tomato.

Also continue to struggle to legalise ganja by hosting ‘Chop a Zol’ evenings or 420 High Teas, where people can legally purchase this fantastic plant.