Was Obama, as the first African American President subjected to the same level of protest by…
russell camel wattie

Democrats and Independents accepted the results, they’re just aghast at the actions of the winner and the fact that the system now ignores the popular vote. Yes, the system has always prioritized voters by where they live, but a few decades of major economic and demographic shifts has created a huge discrepancy, one never seen before, and the beneficiaries of this imbalance seem perfectly fine with the minority telling the majority what to do.

Likewise, elections are not a sport where the score is the score and when a game ends, that’s all there’s to it; bad calls may have been made, the team you wanted to win lost, whatever, no one is replaying this game to change the score for you. After an election what the winners do matter and it’s an alarmingly authoritarian and undemocratic attitude to declare that those who lost in election are now not allowed to have a voice or their opinions should be discarded. This is not how free nations work, period.

Trump opponents are mad not because they lost necessarily, but because they lost to those who believes that anyone who doesn’t support them are enemies to be vanquished, not fellow citizens whose views matter. Just as the Tea Party was free to protest and disagree, so is anyone who isn’t a fan of Trump. And oh did they protest, complete with racist slogans, burning effigies, open carry protests, keeping the birther myth alive and well, and tweeting out targets over Democratic districts. Partisanship, it seems, makes one’s memory very short and highly selective…

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