Financial Re-education !!
(Part One)
Do You Know Why You Need It?
To be able to have
Freedom of choice!!

You were not born just to pay bills or have a life full of deprivation. You need to have freedom of choice so that your life has meaning.
You can build your assets concretely and more quickly.
You can start thinking about realizing your dreams instead of wasting time realizing the dream of others.
You can give your children financial education that you did not have.
You can make investments with your money without depending on the opinion of third parties.
You can work for pleasure and not for obligation.

Anticipate your retirement.
Do not depend on the government!

Conquer your freedom. You’re the only one interested. Everyone wins with their financial ignorance, everyone profits less from you. Banks profit by lending money and you spend your entire life working to pay interest. Companies make more money when you buy on impulse, without planning, and with money you do not have. This is a fact. The government raises more taxes today, while you get in debt for many years. The more ignorant, the more vulnerable. Banks offer the worst investments with the worst rates for the most lazy and ignorant. You are the only person interested and benefited by your own financial education.

Financially you have been educated, all your life, in the wrong way. Now, you need financial re-education. All the bad financial habits, all the wrong beliefs about money, work, savings and investments have already been implanted by the “System” in your head. You have been trained, from childhood, to become an adult consumer and inconsistent with your own money. They put it in your head that whoever buys many things is “successful and happy.” Since those who buy less, to save more, are miserly and miserable. And that’s how they teach people so that money keeps circulating in the system. The less time your money gets in your hands, the better for them. This is how the fruits of their labor make the economy spin by paying the profits of banks, companies and government. If you do not understand the rules of the game, you will spend your entire life working without building your equity and without attaining your financial freedom

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