Financial Re-education !!
(Part two)
Do You Know Why You Need It?
To be able to have
Freedom of choice!!

If you do not understand the rules of the game, you will spend your entire life working without building your equity and without achieving your financial freedom.
With this knowledge that “your money is your problem”, you can not go around asking where to invest your money. This is a big danger for you and a huge risk for your money. If you ask this question to the manager of your bank then he will recommend the investments that yield the highest profits to the bank where he works. If you ask a realtor, he will recommend the real estate where he will earn the highest commissions. If you ask the insurance broker, he will recommend a private pension plan, an insurance or even a consortium of the company he represents. If you ask an educator, and he is the smartest to do, he will recommend that you study to gain autonomy and freedom over the decisions related to your money.

Invest in your financial education. This is the first and most important investment you should make … the most important and most necessary. The success of all your investments will be a consequence of this first investment. It is your education that will allow you to see opportunities and risks. The life you lead today is the result of all that you have learned and all that is yet to be learned.

Believe me, you are responsible for your future.

Become a conscious investor. Develop the ability to identify investment opportunities and risks. Make conscious decisions that are compatible with your life project. Only you will be able to make good decisions when what is at stake is the result of years of your work. All you need to know is: Invest in your education!
 You can only do what you know. The more you know, the more you can do!

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