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I agree. I would have thought that people would be rooting for someone, anyone, to break the exorbitant stranglehold that the two current testing companies have on all of us. And, if nothing else, Holmes has pushed for our rights to have some control over our own blood.

A close friend of mine, a former nurse practitioner, recently asked her Kaiser Doctor to have her vitamin D level checked. The doc wouldn’t order it, claiming “not medically necessary”. In Arizona, at least so far, my friend could have walked in and had the test done.

The Journal article was closer to yellow journalism than investigative journalism; no independent tests were done to compare Theranos results, professionals who had checked out Theranos were not interviewed (Cleveland Clinic, Blue Cross), and the reporter focused totally on a few former employees’ suppositions and anecdotal opinions.

Finally, the recent announcement that the FDA won’t let Theranos use it’s nanotainer for tests other than it’s approved Herpes tests is ludicrous. This, to me, has rival companies’ lawyer’s footprints all over it. The FDA apparently considers it technically an unapproved medical device, even though it is just a small glass vial, one that apparently works fine for Herpes blood tests.

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