Excellently done!
Devin Leshin

The soundtracks definitely play a factor. John Williams’ scores are so influential that they can almost make bad scenes good. For example, “Across the Stars” still elicits emotion while being played in the background in Episode II, despite it accompanying horrible dialogue between Anakin and Padmé.

I also agree that The Force Awakens’ soundtrack might be the overall weakest (not to be confused with bad; it’s got some pretty tough competition). I’ve listened and re-listened to the score from Episode VII, and I just can’t find a standout. TPM has “Duel of the Fates”, AotC has “Across the Stars”, RotS has “Battle of the Heroes”, Star Wars has… well like the entire soundtrack (I view it as the strongest film score of all time), Empire has “Imperial March”, and RotJ has “The Emperor’s Theme”. I think if The Force Awakens had featured a definitive standout to accompany the major moments, its music might resonate with us more.

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