Me waiting 6 mins for my old laptop to boot

Has it ever happened to you that, during a conversation, someone says something and suddenly a million thoughts pass through your brain in 1 second? One thought instantly leads to another until you come to an eye-opening realization. Well, it happened to me a couple days ago, while talking to a kid.

The story behind

The before mentioned kid is a high school student who wants to get into programming and computer science in general, so she contacted me asking for some advice. While having the typical “depends on what you want to do” conversation, she complained that her computer is garbage and…

We use Google products every day, may that be Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Android or simply Google Search. We have come to a point where it is actually really hard not to use at least one of these services even if we try and companies built to prove the opposite have failed miserably (RIP Cyanogen).

First question: where does the money come from?

But most of us have never actually paid for these services. How is this possible? Is it so easy for Google to create all of these things that they just give them for free? Of course not. It’s one of those cases that:

If you’re…

George Fotiadis

Computer Science student @EPFL |

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