Autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared technologies are set to disrupt personal mobility.

Large sectors of the economy and certain types of travel remain grounded nearly one year after the start of the pandemic. Vaccines offer hope, but findings from RSG’s COVID-19 Transportation Insights Panel suggest the impacts on travel behaviors and attitudes are likely to be lasting. For example, among travelers who took at least one air trip in 2019, only 35% stated that they would fly at least yearly in a scenario with a vaccine available and cases that were decreasing but with no additional public health measures in place.

No industry has been immune to the pandemic and its effects…

Investments to generate consumer interest are a positive sign for the electric vehicle market

Source: GMC. General Motors advertised an electric Hummer during the 2020 Superbowl.

The Superbowl is not only the biggest night of the year for football but for advertising as well.

A reported 102 million viewers tuned into this year’s game, and Fox charged $5.6 million per 30-second advertising spot. Given their hype and expense, one could consider Superbowl commercials to be a finger on the pulse of the American consumer.

This year, several commercials promoting electric vehicles signal the times are changing for the automotive market. …

Image Credit: Revel

E-scooter company Scoot recently rolled out a new vehicle called the Scoot Cruiser in Los Angeles, marking the latest in a series of announcements from micromobility companies on dockless and shared electric mopeds.

This past June, Bird (which recently acquired Scoot) unveiled a similar offering, the Bird Cruiser, under its own brand.

More recently, Uber announced its plan to launch a network of shared mopeds in Paris.

Companies such as Revel have launched in or expanded to new cities. …

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Analyst at RSG. Urban and transportation planning nerd.

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