Did it fail in trying to be one and how?

A few years ago, I encountered a game called Spent. I was just starting to explore and discover the work being done in serious games and educational games. I was excited: a game about poverty! Awesome! At first, I loved the game and often used it as an example of a good educational game when discussing the topic with people. Now, after some time has passed and I have learned more about games and about the causes and experience of poverty, I realize I need to re-examine this game. So, does Spent succeed as an educational game? If not, why?

About the Game

Basic Background

How do you decide where the fun ends and the learning begins?

One of the projects I have currently been working on is an educational game about imposter syndrome. Over the past few weeks, I have been researching and designing with a team of four others to create this game. The initial idea came about when we realized that all of us had some experience with this particular problem. The project is nearing its completion: we have landed on a card game, are working to balance it, and are finding ourselves facing some interesting questions. During this period of design…

An EDGE Framework Analysis

Basic Information

Game Name: Pokémon: Black & Blue

Developer: Peta

Platform: Web

High-level Instructional Goal: The meat industry is evil and Peta is great

In this critique I assume the game's purpose to be one of persuasion and the intended audience to be people who eat meat and enjoy McDonalds.

Brief Description

Was it, and is it still just an aesthetic horror tool?

*** Will contain spoilers for some games ***

Horror and mental health have long been tied together in popular media. One of the titular horror cinema icons, Michael Myers, is a giant asylum escapee. According to a survey, Halloween is one of the top ten most popular US Holidays. In video games, the horror genre is also extremely successful and, sometimes, pretty profitable. Many top streamer personalities gained popularity by playing a mix of horror and indie games. So how does mental health factor into this genre? A lot of the horror genre build upon themes of mental health. …

An EDGE Framework Analysis

Basic Information

Game Name: Bury Me, My Love

Developer: The Pixel Hunt, ARTE France, FIGS

Platform: IOS, Android, Switch, Steam

High-level Instructional Goal: Empathy towards the people affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Brief Description

I have always been a bit overly-empathetic. While I have gotten very good at managing my empathetic tendencies, I still sometimes let ‘outside’ problems and occurrences affect how I'm feeling overall and my mental status. For this reason, I waited a year before playing Bury Me, My Love. For the same reason, I really wish I hadn’t.

I played the game on my iPhone and (other than…

Diegetic v. Non-Diegetic v. Spacial v. Meta

While working on a VR (virtual reality) project for a class, one of my many roles was UI designer. Knowing nothing about how to design a UI for VR, I began researching. Soon after, I stumbled upon a short blog post about diegetic UI design. While looking at this subject, I also began looking into other UI implementation patterns. I particularly have been looking into Diegetic UI, Non-Diegetic UI, Spacial UI, Meta UI. With all these options, though, it becomes quite hard to choose a UI that works for your game. …

Every once in a while, you come across a game or piece of media that simply and totally consumes you. In some of those cases, the media consumes you and a friend. Out of those occurrences, there is a chance of finding a gem that will dominate your entire group of friends and drive you all joyfully insane.

While working on a VR project for a class, one of my many roles was UI designer. Knowing nothing about how to design a UI for VR, I began researching. Soon after, I stumbled upon a short blog post about diegetic UI design.

[Diegesis] refers to the information related by the narrator and many times is comprised of characters thoughts and actions. This excludes dialogue, which is categorized under mimesis. In addition, diegesis can be characterized as the narrator’s commentary on the thoughts and actions of characters.” (source)

Diegesis was a concept explored by Plato and Aristotle and used in…

What is the effect of the decision to include this and was it worth it?

*** Warning: Graphic images of death ahead & Hellblade spoilers***

Fear, Death, & Games

No one really likes endings. Finishing a book is often associated with a hollow feeling that’s often joked about in webcomic strips (a bunch of them are included in this bookbub.com list) and playing a game often elicits the same feeling. When kids are told playtime is over, they may throw a tantrum over College students mourn the loss of sleep, and adults (sometimes) the loss of freedom. …

Analysis of Senua’s Sacrifice using the EDGE framework


In my examination of the game Hellblade, I will include information and mechanics that can be considered as SPOILERS. If you have not played the game yet and intend to, read ahead with caution.

About the Game

Basic Information

Game Name: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Developer: Ninja Theory

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

High-level Instructional Goal: Tell a classic hero's journey type story and represent a person experiencing psychosis accurately.

Brief Description

“This is my battle, I must face it alone.”

When I was younger, I would read a lot. The books I loved the most were ones where I would be able to immerse myself…

Juliann F

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