Bug bounty announcement

We are pleased to announce our bug bounty campaign. Anyone able to find security flaws or other problems in our software (ICO and Smart Contracts) is encouraged to take part in our bounty program and submit the bug with the following details:

  • Short description of vulnerability
  • Long description of vulnerability
  • Vulnerable application name
  • Steps to reproduce bug
  • Severity (Note, Low, Medium, High, Critical)
  • Impact
  • Screenshots (if applicable)
  • Recommended fix

The rewards for the accepted bugs are as follows:

Critical: GGC 5,000 — GGC 10,000
High: GGC 1,000 — GGC 5,000
Medium: GGC 500 — GGC 1,000
Low: GGC 100 — GGC 500
Note: up to GGC 100

The tokens will be assigned from the Team tokens pool after the Public ICO ends and will not be vested. The team reserves the right to change the suggested severity level or ignore the bug report if they will find it not applicable. Only the first person who sends the particular vulnerability will be authorized to receive the bounty. Please send all vulnerabilities to tech@gg.international and thank you for helping us to develop even more secure software.