GG World has already acquired 17 licenses in 12 countries

Our ambitious plan of conquering and revolutionizing the lottery world is now more real than ever before. The continuous work of our whole team led by Mark Hutchinson allowed us to make a giant step forward. At the time of writing, GG World has acquired 17 government licenses in 12 countries, allowing us to be the operator of regulated, national lotteries. Words can’t tell how excited we are to share such great news.

“Cooperation with mutilple local license-holding companies strengthen GG International position as the leader in transparent, blockchain based lottery software. With 17 government licenses and more to come, GG International sees big potential in emerging global markets, especially the African and Latin Ameican regions.” — said Mark Hutchinson, CEO and President of GG International Ltd.

This is history in the making, this is how our plan to start a world-wide lottery utilizing the blockchain and our unique true random number generator is becoming real. Of course, there’s still a way to go, but we’re sure we’ll get there, even sooner than we thought at first. Licenses are the legal basis to act, so we’ve given a green light to our developers who already started to develop the first national lotteries which will become a part of our final goal — GG World Lottery. Stay tuned, we’ll have more great news soon!