How GG World will conquer the lottery world

We aim to become #1 world brand

The currently existing lottery projects on the global market surely have many competitors. What their characteristic features are? The outdated and old approach to gaming activities, the absence of real fair play and restrictions in different countries due to the unregulated nature? The GG World will become the world’s leading brand due to project superiority in all the aspects and a clear vision of the industry future. Learn our plans for the world domination below.

In fact, most online blockchain lotteries do not even try to go the regulated route. Not only do they encourage their users to try their luck, but their entire operation is based on luck. No wonder that it’s a matter of time before all these unregulated lottery operators will be heavily fined and their websites banned by the local regulatory bodies and Internet Service Providers, especially in high-risk territories such as the United States, China, Australia, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, and countries which follow Sharia law….
Creation of a global truly regulated lottery, which utilizes new technologies and works with the worldwide web of licensed companies is a key for future success. That’s the approach taken by the GG World and its’ founders.

“Cooperation with multiple local license-holding companies strengthen GG International position as the leader in transparent, blockchain based lottery software. With 17 government licenses and more to come, GG International sees big potential in emerging Africa region.” — Mark Hutchinson, CEO and President of GG International Ltd.

Indeed, we are developing fast as the brand has already acquired 17 licenses in 12 countries. Moreover, all these countries will allow GG World to run in-house developed scratch cards, bingo, slot games, casinos, sportsbooks and more. The company’s upcoming tokensale is the key to success for the ambitious plans. Meanwhile, you still got the time to participate in the pre-sale to get bonuses even before main ICO round will start! Check our website for the full info now!