Lottery: probability of winning

Engage into the lottery which gives you a real fair chance

You like playing lotteries, but what are the chances that the lottery ticket you’ve bought and hold in your hand is a winner one? Well, this sort of question is an applied probability problem and with thousands and millions of dollars on the line it is vital to have a solid answer. GG World Lottery will give you one.

Lottery mathematics is required to calculate probabilities of winning or losing a sample lottery game — this is based on combinatorics mostly, the twelvefold way and combinations without replacement in particular.

A sample example — a player engages in game by buying a ticket with a choice of numbers from a certain range, and the grand prize, sometimes worth several or hundreds even millions of dollars, is awarded for matching all the numbers. In most times there still chances to get money without even reaches the Jackpot — as in some lotteries, lesser amounts are paid for matching all but one or two of the whole numbers set.

Those are the generalities, but we need to know the specifics of the game that you purchased a ticket for. These specifics will calculate the exact probability that you have of winning.

A sample game example — let’s pretend that a certain game involves choosing four numbers from 0 to 9. The order of these digits is important, so 1234 is a different choice of digits than 1243 or 1324. The probability of winning this lottery is given by determining the total number of ​four-digit numbers possible. Since each of the numbers is chosen independently and there are ten choices for each, the total number of four digit numbers is 104=10000.

This means that the probability of winning in such a game is 1/10000 = 0.01%. Games of this sort typically do not pay that much and are not what people associate with winning the lottery. A typical payout for a $1 bet on a lottery such as this is $5,000. Of couse this sounds good, as who wouldn‘t want to multiply their money by 5000x, realize that on average you would have to play thousands of times to make winning likely.

If you are willing to face the very little probability of winning the lottery, you should choose any number you want. You can base it on your birthdays, special days, anniversaries, lucky numbers, etc. Don’t hesitate as only with great risk comes great reward!

However, the modern day solutions increase your chances to win drastically due to use of the advanced tech to improve draw fairness. Unlike many existing lotteries of any kinds, which often fail to provide the transparency, user trust in their games, the solutions that GG World Lottery uses had undergone numerous tests to make everyone see the benefits.

All our lotteries will use innovative technology which connects leading-edge Smart Contracts with the natural randomness of the world, based on the principles of quantum physics. As the first project of its type in the world, we will integrate true random number generation with blockchain transparency. Additionally, our random number generation solution will be certified by Gaming Laboratories International.

A little more about it — our partner, Gaming Laboratories International (, is the global leader in gaming and lottery testing. They have nearly 30 years in the land-based lottery and iGaming testing, and their work is trusted by regulators in more than 475 jurisdictions worldwide.

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