Your mobile phone — is all you need to win!

Say no to the old-world and see the benefits of the modern technology!

As the tech progress unfolds, our life becomes more and more convenient, and the number of actions required to perform any task — from work to chat or leisure, decreases steadily. The tech solutions are aimed to provide the future that will make every activity you engage in less annoying, but more productive and easier.

Not so long ago, the only way of participating in the lottery was the necessity to buy lottery tickets from the traditional physical outlets. However, you had always been limited with the choice and availability of such stuff, as access to these outlets was defined not only by such unpleasant factors as operating hours, the need to rely on faulty physical hardware: the sales terminals, monitors, scanners, ticket dispensers, communication router and so on. Speaking about the modern day, such an approach is heavily outdated for security concerns and required costs for the in-store merchandising and signage to promote the lottery.

Not only millennials do rely on mobile phones nowadays, during the last decade they had become the ultimate gadgets, making us free of the need to use numerous devices for different purposes as before. Now, your smartphone replaces all previous lottery hardware such as terminals, tickets, scanners, monitors, ticket dispensers, and communication routers. You don’t need to go somewhere anymore and leave the comfort of your home as the numerous lottery retailer outlets are going to past.

Moreover, there is also no need for expensive physical security, such as cameras, guards, and insurance. The possibility of fraud is also reduced significantly, since store staff cannot collude or steal because all transactions are digital and recorded, controlled and measured in real-time.

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