OnePageX Fast Exchanges and Without Registrations

What is OnePageX?

OnePageX is one of the simplest and simplest cryptocurrency exchange platforms that exist today, but with a wide range of cryptocurrencies to facilitate access for all who wish to use it. The name OnePageX is the abbreviation of OnePageExchange. The philosophy behind OnePageXwhich is indicative of the simplification in the process of trading and conversion of cryptocurrencies. The good thing and what makes it simple and simple is that OnePageX does not require any type of registration. Simply you select your cryptocurrency to change start your exchange.

As previously mentioned, OnePageX does not have or require records. Each time a user generates an operation, their browser URL will be added to a special “session” within the platform. You can simply mark the page or copy and paste the link to go back to it. Each of the generated addresses can be used whenever you want.

One of the functions that OnePageX performs is through the integration with exchanges and the search for the best prices of cryptocurrencies in the market.

Objectives of OnePageX

OnePageX is just launched and there are countless uses that will allow users to convert more and more cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency is converted from Bitcoin, but as the platform evolves other assets will be added actively. One of his visions of OnePageX is that the STEEM implementation will be included in the future too!. Online transactions keeping the interface simple and simple, allows multiple transactions from one page.

OnePageX and Integration

OnePageX has a code for inserting a widget so that each website can be implemented simply by copying and pasting that line of html code. This will allow visitors to each web site the option to make their exchanges without visiting the OnePageX platform. The widget is called OneBox! The OneBox works just like the OnePageX page, but inside the widget.

Time of transactions in OnePageX?

Each of the transactions are almost instantaneous once the currency to be deposited is confirmed. To guarantee the speed of the fastest exchanges.

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