Patron — Influencer’s sharing economy

Social networks today have brought great opportunities for human relationships worldwide, tell every moment of your life and capture important moments through a smartphone and share it to millions of users around the world make it possible to connect millions of people. This content that could become viral due to its quality means that followers are attentive to that user who has made their tastes skills or hobbies a teaching or trading mechanism, which is why thousands of companies around the world are looking for more and more people common as you or me that drive their social accounts with that quality content so they can also reach their customers more naturally, leaving aside the marketing intermediary companies that manage their social accounts and inflate fictitious followers many times , leaving aside the offered product.

What is it and what does Patron offer?

Patron in a platform that seeks to give an outlet to the exchange between influential people in social networks and the most recognized brands through the use of good reliable marketing and with an economy where it is tokenized by an SNS delivery framework with block chain technology . There are several functions which make Patron a unique marketing platform for social networks, such as the shared use of an exclusive influencer for several months for the same brand, the acquisition of these influencers as favorites help to carry out several business in the Patronplatform.

The need for Patron in the Present.

The influencers worldwide are classified within Patron according to the categories where they operate to get a closer and familiar with the company that contracts, within Patron the economy is shared and everyone wins by making this business really profitable to thus promote both parties within the world of marketing.