GGCMโ€™s Current Mining Projects

4 min readMay 5, 2022

Project 1

  • Name of the Area: Erdene-2 /treasure-2/
  • Site Location: Erdenetsagaan soum, Sukhbaatar province, Mongolia
  • License territory size: 7,176.98 hectares
  • Deposit type: Gold, Silver, and Copper

๐Ÿ“Œ The Erdene-2 deposit is located 50 km from the Chinese border. The Erdene-2 project in Sukhbaatar province, Mongolia, already explored 10% of the 7.176.98-hectare deposit, identified 3 tons of gold and 300 tons of pure silver. The remaining 90% will continue to be explored, with estimated reserves of 20 tonnes of gold and 800 tonnes of silver.

Project 2 โ€” In Northern Mongolia

Gold resource โ€” 5670 kg gold.

๐Ÿ“Œ The project includes significant underground workings and has already been mined. The existing resource has been verified by drill holes and underground samples, and resource specialists are now working on a JORC-compliant resource estimate.

Five separate gold zones have been identified from drilling so far, and the company has commenced, a resource definition diamond drill campaign (63 holes) that aims to define the high-grade underground gold resources as well as evaluate the open pit potential of the mine.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป The deposit has high-grade gold over narrow widths and a 10โ€“44 g/t gold range @ 0.2โ€“2.5m width range. Current resources are 108,655 oz. indicated at 25.18 g/t gold, 86659 oz. inferred @ 30.2 g/t gold, total nearly 200K oz. gold.

The deposit will continue to depth, as demonstrated by the adjacent Gatsuurt deposit and the consistency of the mineralization.

Project 3 โ€” In Northern Mongolia

Gold resource โ€” 12431 kg gold.

๐Ÿ“Œ The gold mine is located in Mongoliaโ€™s southeast, where high-grade gold-arsenic mineralized quartz-hematite veins and breccias cover a 4.5 km by 2.5 km region.

The field exploration and drilling work has been conducted on only 1 gold target out of a total of 4 gold targets. The government approved 12.4 tonnes of gold reserves with an average grade of 4.6 gr/ton.

Additional exploration of 3 unexplored gold deposits and rare earth to provide additional reserves. Good infrastructure and proximity to the railway line.

A low-cost open pit mine is planned. Equipment for the gold plant has been ordered, and production is expected to begin this year.

Project 4 โ€” In Northern Mongolia

Gold resource โ€” 14200 kg gold.

๐Ÿ“Œ The deposit is a zone of gold-copper skarn mineralization in the northeast of the Dornod province, the eastern part of Mongolia. Resources of the deposit have increased from 1.9 tons to 14.2 tons in gold equivalent from 2011 to 2015 according to audit reports of international companies, and the State Committee for Reserves of the Mongolian Government.

There is a huge exploration resource upside while drilling operations covered only 20% of the license area; In the calculation of the current gold reserves, the geological data of the deep boreholes (more than 500 m) that confirm Au and Cu content growth had not been considered.

At present, we have been told that the results of data indicate a high probability of having a copper porphyry deposit at Erdene Tolgoi, similar by type and genesis to the Oyu Tolgoi Deposit (Southern Gobi).


The researchers show that it is possible to apply a gravity-flotation beneficiation scheme recovering 97% of the gold at least.

Project 5 โ€” In Northern Mongolia

Gold resource: 22000 kg gold + Potential: 13000 kg gold.

๐Ÿ“Œ Near-surface high-grade open-pit gold deposit in Central Mongolia. intrusion-related gold deposit.

Mineralization: disseminated gold, arsenopyrite, and pyrite.

Resources of the mine 1:

Oxidized ore.

As a result of the leaching test work, it has been confirmed the ore is possible to extract with greater than 90% metal recovery using cyanide leaching. 1,95 tons of gold at an average grade of 2,6g/t Au primary ore.

The flotation test and flotation-leaching test were the most suitable, with up to 90.85% metal recovery. Gold resource: 20,34 tons of gold at an average grade of 2,8g/t Au.

Resources of the Mine 2:

Significant results from the drill holes in the South Zone. DHYA019: 98m @ 1.79g/t Au from 75m, including 23m @ 2,98g/t Au from 101m and in the Central Zone. DHYA022: 15m @ 2,57g/t Au from 114m and 67m @ 3.3g/t Au from 157m, including 11m @6,51g/t Au from 160m.

Potential gold resources: South Zone-5 tons of Au at 1.0 gr/ton, 6โ€“8 tons of Au at an average grade of 2.4 gr/ton.




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