Arabs < > LGBTQ Community. The point that always gets missed.

Islam is not the problem. My Middle Eastern community is the problem. If you think Muslims from the Middle East carry anti-LGBTQ beliefs, you should check out the Christians from my “progressive” country Lebanon. You don’t even have to travel to the Middle East. You can go to a Lebanese community in California, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, and others and find a friendly group of us bragging about how loving, caring, and open the Lebanese people are, sharing hummus, dancing dabke, using anti-LGBTQ slurs, decrying the rise of same sex marriage, calling gay and transgender people disgusting, and debating to what extent members of the gay community are “mentally sick”.

False, unfair, and misguided attacks framed as pieces of “insight” from straight, white, Christian Americans about Islam do not excuse members of my community — Muslim and Christian — from the responsibility of addressing the widely homophobic attitudes that continue to lead to the harassment, imprisonment, and death of LGBTQ people by our hands in the Middle East, and as of last night, in the U.S.