Esports has been around for a while in the French speaking province of Quebec. The province is home to one of the oldest esports LAN party events in Canada, and pretty much all of North America: Lan ETS. Inaugurated in 2002, Lan ETS is as old as the first professional StarCraft competitions in South Korea, which are widely considered to be the “birth” of modern esports. Now, esports in Quebec is entering a whole new chapter with the creation of the Ligue Collégiale de Sports Électroniques or simply: the LCSE.

Onlookers watch a team play at LAN ETS (Source: Sabrina Anh)

“How do I get involved with esports?” This question has been popping up in many of my conversations and I feel it is a pretty simple topic to cover. The answer is: “Do something”. While that does seem blatantly obvious and ridiculous as answer, it’s the best one. “How do I get my start in esports?”, it’s such a vague question. To answer this properly, let’s break it down into helpful steps:

  • What interests me?

What do you like to do? Do you have any passions or challenges you would like pursue in esports? This is the most important question…

Dimitri Kontogiannos

Former President Concordia Esports Association| Designer for DreamHack Canada | Bachelor in Fine Arts — Computation Arts @ Concordia University in MTL.

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