F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

Sahat — I’m an engineer at BB and want to share some interviewing insight. Every engineer has their pet problems because they feel it gives them a good sense of certain strengths or weaknesses in their interviewee. Each is different with their own intellectual quirks and respects. The goal is that, over several rounds, the group-mind can asses whether a candidate should get an offer.

No specific question should tank your candidacy — not a maze search, or promisification question, or some CSS hack, etc — and I know at my company we all discuss the interviews we conduct and establish quorum.

The reason I post this here is to make it clear that in my experience no single question can ruin the interview and we genuinely seek to have a diversified interview. I, personally, prefer a straight-to-code web development question that tests a candidate’s ability to build a working comprehensive prototype with js/html/css. You’d probably excel at that, but another engineer might consider that a green question for internet golfers unworthy of their Msc CS. Who knows?

The point is that we aim for a diverse analysis of the candidate’s skills as removed from luck as possible. Keep interviewing!

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