Why a guy who sold a company for nearly $1 Billion is coming to visit us in Bali

Photo credits: Erika Drotlet taken at Dojo co-working in Canggu, Bali

It’s us again and we’ve got news. We just picked the winner from our entrepreneur competition. His name is Lawrence Levine.

Seven months ago we jumped on a plane to India and later arrived in Bali to build a location independent start-up. We’ve been riding on the digital nomad wave ever since and we are thrilled to have people like Lawrence join us for a month.

Moving on.

Why we picked Lawrence?

Lawrence is one of those people that has done start-ups their entire career. His background is very compelling and he’s done awesome things such as creating the first fetal ultrasound system. We believe the start-up community here in Bali will strongly benefit from having people like Lawrence. He might also bring the rest of his team here. How cool is that?

Here is Lawrence’s winning application:

Founded and sold Trustwave (SecurePipe) and LFCI as well as several that didn’t go quite as well (KnowBroker, Refer) but were great for learning lessons! Created first fetal ultrasound system. I’ve been in tech startups my entire career! After doing this for decades I love few things more than sharing what I’ve learned with other entrepreneurs. Coach to countless startups including ChartIQ, FireID, Ziibra, and many more. I’ve literally got starts world wide that I’m actively helping to navigate the various and often turbulent waters of their stage and market. I’m currently about to release horn® to the market! I’m not some entrepreneur turned VC. I’m all about execution and helping others around me do the same. Walking the walk.

Work Pitch
I’m presently working with a global team to build and launch horn! Come check it out at https://horn.co. We’re in Beta at the moment but I’m developing launch plans with some of the top social media platforms in the world and expect great things in the next few months! We’ve got rock star dev and marketing teams and a equally rock star investor team backing us up.

Why Bali
The two things that get me going the most are making tech startups start up and kiteboarding. Bali is a great spot to kite and you guys are putting together a super cool startup environment! I’m sure that I could really add a lot to your crew and would have a great time doing it. I’m super high energy but also pretty seasoned (pragmatic) so I’m a really good mentor to other entrepreneurs. I’ve been massing huge startup entrepreneur karma points and I believe that giving back to the community is the whole point of having them! Also — I want to kite in Bali. :) Did I mention that already?

I love what you guys are doing! :) Regardless of my submission keep it up! It would take some coordination but I’d also be pretty interested in bringing my core team. They’ve been working really hard to get our product released and getting them all together in one place would be pretty great. Right now they are in the US (Biz Dev), Poland (Dev) and South Africa (CTO)

For the rest of the applicants: If you have any suggestions on how we can work together in the future or if you have any intentions of coming to Bali, please let us know. We will be happy to help.

Oh, and we are also hiring! So if you are looking for something new, talk to us!

Thank you all again for your applications and we hope to stay in touch.

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