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Glad you’re listening, Tony, but…

There are a lot of us out here who are pretty frustrated with this platform. We hope Medium’s new CEO, Tony Stubblebine does listen and makes some big changes. Soon.

Geoffrey Gevalt
5 min readJul 20, 2022


Photo by Geoffrey Gevalt

UPDATE: Tony read this and clapped. I updated my note at the bottom. I am deeply grateful for all the thoughtful comments here — thank you — and I encourage you to read them; lot of interesting points of view. Finally, I’ve bumped into some other interesting perspectives by: Cliff Hightower; Christina Ward and Timothy Sabo as well as a link to another interview of Tony here courtesy of Devette Lindsay and the general work analyzing Medium by The Secret Aspirant.

There have been a lot of rants lately about this platform. I think they are justified. I have been with Medium since it began; my disappointment is based on what I think Medium could be and what I think it set out to be but failed. Numerous times.

So, as Tony Stubblebine takes over as new CEO of Medium, I applaud his enthusiasm. But I also worry that because he comes from the “expert advice” area of this platform, he is missing the power and potential of those of us who simply write. We poets and novelists and short-story writers and journalists and…