How I Came to See That the Election Needs to be Audited and How You Can Too
Beth Martinez

Dear Beth

In all due respect your essay is nothing but an exercise in futility. What I extract from your writing is the fact that our entire electoral system is “rigged” and that is very true. And you are perfectly roght on that account.

Here is an explanation: The entire elctoral system in America (how we elect our members of Congress, the President, and local representatives )is rigged because our election system is fragmented and antiquated, with long lines, lost ballots and chaos on the Election Day even hysteria many times.

Also, local politicians can disenfranchise voters. There are voter precincts with different rules and regulations, including rules about who should cast their ballot. All of these create an atmosphere of suspicion, distrust and illegitimacy. All of these are reasons for an overhall of the entire sytem and creating a new systemone of elections based on uniform rules and regulations all over the country. See “Stealing Elections” How voter fraud threatens our Democracy” by John Fund. Are you interested in startng a gras roots organization to make the necessary correction??? Let me know. I do have few very interesting ideas. Let’s have an inteligent conversation about this issue.

Prof. Gregory Ghica

Retired Polical Science College Professor.

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