A bit about me

I thought I would dedicate one post to talk more about myself. For now, it will just be three things that not many people know about me.

1. I like cosplay

More specifically crossplay. Since young, I have always been fascinated by the different costumes of the characters in games and anime. Strangely, it is always the female characters that appeals to me. Even when playing games, if there is a change to, I would select a female character. So cosplay to me is like a super great thing where I actually be a character that I like!

2. I like Lolita fashion

Not to be confused with the book of similar title, Lolita fashion is a type of subculture fashion that started in Japan. I like the style of lolita dresses especially the sweet lolita. Yes I like to look cute even though I may not look so to some. Let me just enjoy being myself and stop judging.

3. I am heterosexual

What’s wrong with a guy liking pink stuff or like to wear a dress or likes to be cute and pretty? The biggest misconception is that people may think I am homosexual or even bisexual, but the truth is I am heterosexual which is a fancier word for I like girls only.

In the next article, I will share some more of my thoughts on the question, “Can a crossdresser be a good husband/boyfriend”.

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