Are all crossdressers drag queen?

Is a guy who crossdresses a drag queen? I’m sure many of you who resides in Singapore would have heard of Kumar the famous drag queen. So if he is a drag queen, are all crossdresser drag queens as well? For me, the answer is simply ‘No’.

Crossdressing exists in different forms across different culture.s Each culture has their own interpretation of crossdresser. Crossdressers also express themselves differently. Drag queens are generally identifiable by their larger-than-life makeup and clothings. They would tend to exaggerate the femininity and usually works in the entertainment industry. The origin is more western. RuPaul is one such famous drag queen.

There is another term which is better suited for most of the crossdressers I know including myself which is Otoko no ko (男の娘). This Japanese term is literally translated to ‘male daughter’. It started from manga and now it is rather commonly use in the ACG (anime, comic and games) world. There is an equivalent term in chinese which is 伪娘 which can be literally translated as ‘Fake Lady’. These terms describe a very different group of crossdresser.

This group of crossdressers aim to be as ‘passable’ as they can be. The ultimate goal of being a Otokonoko or 伪娘 is to be able to fool other into thinking that they are indeed female. This is quite the pinnacle of crossdressing and it is a level that is not easily reached by most crossdressers. Crossdresser in this group strive to look, act and even behave like a lady when they are in their female dressing. Like the picture above, some maybe hardly distinguishable as being a male. Another term is call ‘trap’ which usually used in the cosplay world. Usually ‘trap’ refers to a guy who can crossplay female character with high degree of fidelity to the extend that they are thought to be female.

I hope this article can help some people understand the difference between these two group of crossdressers. Feel free to drop me any questions that you may have.

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