David Chen’s Visit (ENG)

David Chen, the co-founder of Skype and the creator of the android Sofia, flew to Estonia on November 3, 2017, to discuss opportunities for cooperation. Mr. Chen has offered to contribute to the development of business in Estonia through his fund and the representative office. In our turn, we saw the correspondence of his intentions with ours. And offered him to actively participate in our project G-Global Business Portal as a marketplace for consulting services based on blockchain. David Chen liked our idea and we decided to join forces in joint development of the platform. The participation of Mr. Chen in our project is very promising. His experience in managing large-scale projects, investment fund and the development of artificial intelligence, will give a good chance to our platform to enter the world market and to launch it globally. It is very important for us to produce a high-quality product for users, that will become indispensable in business, and artificial intelligence will help our users. We start the launch of ICO / start the management of social networks and will broadcast information about all our actions.

Link to the beta version of the project: www.gglobal.com

Link to David Chen’s project of android Sophia: www.hansonrobotics.com

Link to David Chen’s Fund: http://angelvestgroup.com/

It was decided to set a course towards the West and hold a series of scheduled meetings with specialists in business, finance, science and blockchain technology. 11/05/2017 we fly to the USA to hold meetings in New York and California, as well as at Harvard and Stanford Universities.


Denis Tsyro

Head of the G-Global Business Portal

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