The Many Impacts on Earth

By: Gladys Andrea Gomez

Earth is at a point where, every one is in danger. Humans have disrupted Earth’s biodiversity by trying to “improve” living conditions for other. By improving living conditions for humans we have created pollutions, deforestation and lastly an unstable earth where many things are now genetically modified, for our own “benefit”.

This problem is not something that happens over night. Many years even decades have passed and all we do is ignore that there is a problem in the world that we live in. We want to ignore the problem because to some people this may seem as an unimportant thing that does not need any attention. They believe that there are better things in the world such as new technological innovations. Science seems to be what we put out attention on, because we want to be better that any other country, but we do not focus on what really matters — our Earth.


These new innovations cause tons and tons of pollution. Pollutions is not the only thing that is killing us, it is all the overpopulation that we have seen over the years.

There was a theory in the old days — if a family had more children that meant that the family was going to have a higher income. That is not the case. More children does not mean a higher income. On the contrary if every family had many children, Earth would be done by now. Overpopulations causes harm to Earth in the way that we as humans want to create no innovations that would benefit society, but it ends up creating pollution. People believe that pollutions does not only affect society, but once we see that we do not have clean air or clean water we start to worry.

Water is what keeps us alive and what feeds us. Earth is not being taken care of as how it should be we are letting it rot and die.

Deforestation kills

In order to satisfy the needs of many civilians, we need to make run for them and what is the best option — to turn to the forest. We do not stop and think about the habitants in the forest, we don’t think of the lives that we are endangering or that we are affecting by cutting off forests. Not only are we hurting the Earth by cutting down trees, but we are also hurting Earth by not using the resource wisely. In the 1970s we were using 70 percent of Earth’s sustainability capacity and now we are using more than 156 percent of its capacity. It is not because there is an “overpopulation” because there is less people now than there was in earlier years. We are creating more food not just for us but to feed parts of the world that has infertile soil and is incapable of growing crops.

The crops that we are growing should be able to feed the whole population, but we are to vain to even give those in need a little bit of what we have. There are more than 800 million people who are not living to livable standards and who have a bad time trying to look for food to survive. We can easily give these people some of the food that we grow, but we choose to waste the food than help those who need it. If we are hurting the Earth we should, do it in a way where people can benefit from it. We should not be hurting Earth, because in the future there will not be any more Earth in which we can live in.

What Should we Plan For ?

It is said that women are the ones that care for nature and the ones that protect the environment and make it a more “livable” place. Women do contribute to a huge part of trying to keep Earth stable, by advocating for it since men are the ones that are working with new innovations to help humans live a more tech life. Women should not be the only ones that help keep Earth intact, but everyone should be helping keep Earth stable.

We do not know how Earth will turn out in a couple of years, but we do know that it cannot turn Earth back to normal. Earth will never be the same — with clean air and clean natural resources. The only thing that we can do is make sure we do the best we can to not pollute the Earth. In other words we should not be destroying forests because we wont have anymore fresh air that can filter out the bad polluted air. Fresh air is not the only thing that we are letting go, but also the habitants of the forests. We need to be able to keep forests intact in order to have wild animals content. Earth is our home and we should protect it like there is no tomorrow.