Pidgin languages are generally simplified and flexible with a limited vocabulary. Nobody speaks a pidgin language as a first language, but over time that can change. If a pidgin language becomes widely used, its vocabulary may grow and additional grammar rules may develop. Children may begin to grow up speaking it from birth. At that point, it’s considered a creole.

In Nigeria, pidgin is (also known as naija) it has 50–70 million speakers and growing.

Brief history of pidgin, pidgin takes inspiration from Portuguese the first European language to reach Nigeria’s enduring colonial- era language, as well as Jamaican patois imported by former slaves returning to the continent. Nigeria now has become the most popular country that speak pidgin, which they also report news in pidgin, and have different websites and newspaper that reported news in pidgin; thrill you with proverbs that roll you on the floor with laughter.

However, only 5 million of these are native speakers most Nigerian speak one of 500 + regional languages, and schools tend to teach in English. Nigerian pidgin issued to make communication possible between different tribe and ethnic groups. There is some state where pidgin is commonly found, and these states speak it like one of their native dialect. These states are;

  1. Warri: like they say, “Warri no dey carry last” when it comes to Pidgin English, Warri is the headquarters. The way they speak the pidgin is quite different from others stress swag and the slangs might be hard to comprehend.
  2. Benin: the people in Benin can speak pidgin language as good as those in Warri. It is spoken by the old and young people.
  3. Port Harcourt: it would be surprising for one to grow in Port Harcourt, the capital of River State to find it different on how to speak Pidgin English, even if you take your old mother or granny to river to stay for a while, he or she will be able to communicate without others with pidgin.
  4. Yenagoa: this is another place in the Niger-Delta region where pidgin is very popular. Just like its neighbor, Port Harcourt, the people communicate more in pidgin than English language.
  5. Lagos: the people of Lagos state speak pidgin as their second language, especially in Ajegule and Ojata. I must say that it is because of the popularity of different set of people that causes the Yoruba the make it as their number language for easy communication.
  6. Abuja: pidgin in Abuja is very popular in such a way that even a child can speak due to the upbringing of that child.
  7. Lokaja: It is also known as the best in pidgin in the north central region of Nigeria.
  8. Calabar: The Calabar pidgin is a little different from other because it is been mixed up with English itself and it been adopted by other cities.

Here are some sites that report news in pidgin;

  1. Here they report news in different categories such as


Foreign Tori




2. They also report news in pidgin in different categories

3.–4: This site also reports some of their news in pidgin.

In conclusion, pidgin news in Nigeria is very popular and it is been spoken for easy communication in some cities in Nigeria. Even the news are been reported in pidgin, is to help those who are not well educated and for more clarification.