Music to Smile at the Sun By

In a town at the tip of Baja California, an unexpected find

In San José del Cabo in late January, we happened across a little place called Café de Lolita. We had great breakfast and coffee there — if you ever find yourself in Los Cabos, you should stop by.

Sweet sounds, full gullets, can’t lose.

What slayed me, though, was the house playlist: mellow and a little hazy, like I feel before my morning coffee. (Also, I venture, how a few fellow tourists might’ve felt thanks to another vice.) Oh, did it work — it made a perfect soundtrack for staring at blue skies and sandy beaches in a town far, far away.

I asked the manager about the list on my way out, and on a mission, I hunted it down on his Spotify profile before leaving Mexico. It’s too good not to share.

Lola and I have a knack for finding places just before they enter the limelight, so naturally, in early March The New York Times blanketed the neighborhood with recommendations. That might blow Lolita’s status as a hideaway — but if the music in the courtyard still sounds as good as what we chilled out to, brave the crowd to spend some time there.

Or stare at this bodacious fruit plate, if you still need encouragement.

Full disclosure: for about two or three songs in the middle, the playlist goes off the rails thanks to bad reggae covers. (If “Paranoid Android” from the Radiodread tribute album sounds like your speed, I beg your forgiveness — but thanks, I’ll pass.) Aside from those misses, turn it up — even if you lack fresh chilaquiles and guava juice to enjoy it with.

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