We. Will. Fail.

Found poetry from a frantic day of fundraising in my inbox.
(And yours.)

[name], this may sound crazy, but:
You’re getting BOMBARDED with emails.
I tried to reach you earlier, [name], but
⏰ You’re running out of time. ⏰
So, short and sweet:
[name], can you give?
Did you forget?
Hillary’s looking at this soon.

We. Will. Fail.
Because we’re still short.
[name], don’t let us reach a TRAGIC conclusion.
You —
You have
Until midnight.
So I’ll ask directly:

Can I count on you?

Scrambling: need you now —
We can make this count.
I’m sorry —
We don’t mean to nag.
Just do this for me.

Thank you, [name].

P.S. — coffee date?

P.P.S. — Brush your teeth.

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