A Millennials reply to an email discussing politics. …and its more than just “interesting.”

Thank you for the reply,

…I think our generation is still trying to define ourselves even into our 30’s and 40’s. Changes shared through tech and communication are constantly forcing us to question our allegiances in every aspect of life. We know our interests but most of what we enjoy is based off of established processes of our parent’s generation and the attitudes of Gen X, which I haven’t seen us share similarities in the specifics of consumption habits or interests. Our economic contribution has been in entertainment, service, and tech predominately. None of which are shared in their production processes across the whole generation, but definitely consumed by all of us. We don’t have the manufacturing processes or single job security that lasted up until the pre-tech boom. But we also don’t have the blind consumerism that marked the 80’s and 90’s credit-happy economy. So that seems to set up a situation that defines our inability to trust the establishment that only seems to require our consumption. I hope my perspective makes sense. I can try to elaborate and always want to hear your perspective. …maybe its economically and socially more similar than I think, and obviously its from my personal observation. 
 …I’m curious as to why you think Lapinski (https://medium.com/@trentlapinski/dear-democrats-read-this-if-you-do-not-understand-why-trump-won-5a0cdb13c597#.e4mv0c11d) would have been shocked when Wiki revealed a glimpse into the backroom of politics? I feel like most of us have an understanding of corruption rampant in all parties. I would say more educated millennials trust politicians and corporations less than ever, yet we extensively rely on them because we are, at large, still uninvolved in the changing processes. I had a conversation with K about this. This seems to be why it is so easy for us to say “its a conspiracy” or “it’s a corrupt system.” ..Those are cop-outs because the vast majority of the population are not actually engaged in the processes developing political and social situations that seem unfathomable. Where the reality is more transparent than you would think if you were engaged in the first place. ..again maybe that’s just my insight from my experience. 
…and yes Trump dodged a bullet and was lucky with the timing of investigations and FBI announcements, but you have to admit he played it the right way. Maybe that says something more promising about his political tact. ..I’m trying to be optimistic here :)

I like the idea of party member voting and agree they are likely more informed, but I really don’t know the details on how “Closed Primaries” would play out. The only thing I could think of is that it may potentially restrict the ability to change your position in light of new evidence near the close of the election process, particularly for those not wholly informed within the party, and it may also reinforce status quo candidates that are face-value-or affiliation party candidates, but lack the insight to adapt to changing social climates… …but like I said I don’t have a full understanding of the positives and negatives for that one.

Bottom line for me though, I truly believe that if the Dem’s stuck with Bernie it would have been in the bag. I voted third party but our State was Clinton’s out the door and I knew that. I’ve seen more than several examples where people let down by Bernie’s choice to support Clinton still saw Trump as a better option for anti-establishment. Myself included, even though I think the 3rd party candidates were likely better moderate options for the state of the economy and globalization.

We shall see. ..I just wish all the people that are getting so upset were more involved pre-election than complaining about it after the fact. …another mark of our generation.

Hope to hear from you soon. I miss you!