Advice to My Younger Brother

Last night was a tough one for me. Being a University of Wisconsin alumni, it’s hard to be excited about another bowl game when we were so close to getting into the College Football Playoff. Regardless, life moves on.

This September, my brother started his freshman year at UW. Before he embarked on his journey to the greatest college town in America (I can confirm this declaration from Scott Van Pelt), I gave him some advice on how to find himself happy, fulfilled, and ready for the world at the end of his four years in college.

As I wrote this advice I realized it wasn’t just applicable to him as a new college student, but applied to myself and other young people as well.

So here you go, below are the three things we can all do as young people to live a successful and fulfilled life:

  1. Ask questions. I feel like growing up, I heard this from a lot of people, but never really knew what it meant. You’ll find that as you grow older, the only way to learn, outside of what someone else wants to teach you, is to ask questions. Dumb questions. Smart questions. Controversial questions. Questions that make you and everyone around you think. This is one of the few ways we can push people and the world in a direction we never thought possible.
  2. Be open. Some of the best experiences you’ll have or the best friends you’ll make are from simply being open to new people, places, ideas, and things. You’ll be amazed at where life can take you when you are open to the things it has to offer. Make sure to always stay true to yourself and your values, but be open to people and experiences that may seem different and challenging.
  3. Enjoy it. Finally, you have gotten this far, enjoy it! Find yourself at school, work, and in your personal life. Cherish every moment of finding the person you’re going to be and you’ll always get where you were meant to be.
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