Stop Yelling About What Poor People Eat
Chris Newman

Are we really going to accept without questioning the premise that “good food” is more expensive? For probably millions of years humankind has received most of their nutrition and calories from wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley and other whole grains. The cost of 1000 calories of rice is about 19 cents, for wheat 1000 calories is about 12 cents, the cost of 1000 calories of $1 sandwiches at Mc Donalds? About $3. The cost of Oatmeal per 1000 calories is about 55 cents. For 1000 calories of Cheerios, $3.06. A 1000 calories of Potatoes is 83 cents, for potato chips 1000 calories cost $4.o4. Sure, you can seriously skew the debate if you figure in the cost of fruit out of season or celery which nobody really uses as a main source of calories. The main problem is we don’t know how to cook anymore.

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