Gilad Gurantz
Nov 16, 2016 · 2 min read

Back in September, we released our Lyft SDK + Button to the Android developer community. Since then, we’ve received positive feedback from developers on how much simpler it’s made their integration with the Lyft platform.

Today we’re happy to announce that this SDK is now available for iOS developers. Built on Swift 3, the SDK provides easy-to-use wrapper methods to retrieve cost, ETA, and ride types, as well as multiple deeplink options into the Lyft app.

Our friends at Overnight recently integrated the SDK into their accommodations app in just a few days. Their team leveraged the ETA method in the SDK to display how close Lyft drivers are to their users. The result is a simple-yet-elegant solution that weaves in Lyft ride requests within the Overnight reservation page — all with just a touch of a button.

Overnight + Lyft

Alternatively, for developers who would prefer to use a pre-built solution to make deeplinking even easier, the Lyft Button provides a programmatic way to display cost, ETA, and choice of ride type within a branded Lyft experience. All with just a few lines of code in your iOS app.

The Lyft Button comes in 5 styles:

The SDK repo is open-sourced on GitHub. If you’re looking for help configuring or using the SDK, or if you have general questions related to our APIs, the Lyft Developer Platform team provides support through our forum as well as on Stack Overflow (using the lyft-api tag).

As always, we encourage feedback from our developers on how we can provide better solutions — so please let us know!

Gilad Gurantz

Written by

iOS Developer @ Lyft

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