XSS on Sony subdomain

Gökhan Güzelkokar
Jan 6 · 2 min read

Hi guys. This is my first bug bounty writeup. I started to bug bounty on july 22, 2019. I want to share with community all the vulnerabilities I have found.

I choose for large scope programs when looking for bug bounty programs and for improve myself I don’t care about bounty now. So I chose SONY.

I started with subdomain enumaration. Firstly, I used crt.sh and I use the following to find potential sub-domains.










Sometimes just random letters..






I found this one (ppf.sony.net). Then, I used assetfinder and httprobe by tomnomnom for subdomain enumeration and I found a deep sub-domain. Here is our target sub-domain. authtry.dev2.sandbox.dev.ppf.sony.net

assetfinder -subs-only ppf.sony.net | httprobe


Then, I used dirsearch for secret directories. The default page appeared.

dirsearch.py -u “authtry.dev2.sandbox.dev.ppf.sony.net” -e html,json,php -x 403,500 -t 50

Also, phpinfo is a information disclosure. I submitted another report

When I visit to index.php I got this page.

As you can see we have 2 parameters and if you have parameters on the empty page, firstly try to get XSS. I tried get xss on the page and I got !!

Also my favorite payload : <img onerror=”{alert`1`}” src>

Thank you !!!

Gökhan Güzelkokar

Written by

ISTE https://twitter.com/gkhck_ https://hackerone.com/0x496 https://github.com/gkhan496/ https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCF75UK6iUcHxUdC8OMw7w4A

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