North Carolina Spent Nearly $5 Million Defending Voter ID, And Lost
Alice Miranda Ollstein

Mrs. Alice, I have had a few folks make some claim that Democrats spent $5 million tax payer dollars fighting to get rid of this repressive and repulsive law. I was looking into this and stumbled onto your article, and the $8.5 million that Republicans spent altogether to try to swing votes in their favor. That kinda sounds like election rigging, to me, which is far worse than a non-existent in-person voter fraud these laws were claimed to prevent. Yay, they stopped a crime that didn’t really exist!

Anyways, I digress. I was wondering if you have any figures on what Democrats might have spent of taxpayer’s money, if anything. Would love to be able to combat this $5 million Democrat spending claim. Your $8.5 million figure has already helped me greatly. Thanks.

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