Learning Another Programming Language

At the Flatiron School, I learned Ruby and Javascript. Ruby is a very simple and easy to learn programming language like python (which I will get to later!)

Ruby became well known after Ruby on Rails was created in 2005. Ruby on Rails is an easy-to-learn framework that allows you to build web applications from scratch quickly. It offers everything from A — Z, form validations, routing, javascript options, oauth, authetication… you name there’s a Ruby Gem for it. A Ruby Gem is a library that contains premade code that you can use. They are amazing. It’s like npm for javascript or pip for python. It’s so easy to go from zero to prototype, Ruby on Rails is still used by startups today to build their prototypes. Ruby really helped me understand what programming is and what it can do. Learning everything about arrays, objects, classes and algorithms really helped.

At the Flatiron School, we also learned Javascript. It’s not my favorite language, but it is the language of the web. Javascript is unique because it allows for asynchronous functions. You know how webpages used to reload the whole page whenever you clicked something? Javascript allows just part of the page to reload and it made the internet a better place. Through Javascript’s interaction with the Document Object Model (DOM) which a layer between the html and the Javascript. This allows Javascript to modify the DOM instead of the html directly. Essentially this allows for super speedy webpages. Javascript has their own frameworks and libraries like Angular.js and React.js which are all incredible just like Ruby on Rails in their own right.

Recently, I have heard about python… a lot. From friends to the internet, everyone seemed happy with python. Everyone spoke of its praises. Everyone liked it. I, myself, have been garnering interest in python because I am wildly excited and crazy about machine learning and artificial intelligence. That’s the kind of programming work I wish to do in the future. So I had to learn python.

Also I recently received a coding assessment in python and I did not know the python syntax at the time and I had a week to turn it in…

It was crunch time!

So knowing Ruby and Javascript helped a lot. I already knew what objects, array, classes and a little bit about algorithms. What I did not know was the syntax. So I purchased a $10 zero to hero python course that I did in about 10 hours. It was a lot of work but it was a great overview of python and object oriented programming.

The assessment went over exactly what I had learned at the Flatiron School. OOP, objects, arrays, classes, methods and one tricky question about tree traversal.

I was able to complete the assessment in time and now I am waiting to hear back from the hiring manager. I’m very excited because I would love to work for Asmodee because they’re pretty much the Amazon.com of board games.

Now for this week, I’ll be going through SciPy and Scikit to learn more about machine learning and artificial intelligence! Talk to you next week!