My story

Coming from Lebanon, it has affected me immensely. Growing up, my parents didn’t let me listen to the news due to all the violence and the corruption that was going on during that time and still is. That was more than ten years ago, after the war than happened in 2006. During the next couple of years, Lebanon went through a lot of horrible times such as the civil war, the corruption of the government, etc… So during that time, I thought that there is no hope for the country nor will anyone help us. After, technology started to get more advanced and everyone began to use it. That’s when I got my first laptop and joined social media platforms. Day by day, I began to get more involved in the media and become more interested in what’s going on. I would read the comments that random people left on certain posts and I would see that people actually feel sympathy towards the victims and they would try to help. And that is when I started to think differently. Fast forwarding to the last couple of years, I was able to share my emotions and relate to people on social media who are going through the same thing without even meeting them. I would share my opinion about the refugees who are suffering and how the government is not helping them and people would like my posts and agree with me. In a lot of cases, media brought people together and they all united for a certain cause all of the world. Family relatives of mine live in Syria and unfortunately cannot escape from there. We’ve tried everything to get them out of there, however we did not succeed. So our second best option was to try to help them as much as possible. We would send them food and money all the time, we try to keep up with their news on social media, we try to help out others who are going through the same thing as well. That is why I believe that social media aided and simplified the communication between all over the world, and even though some people misuse it, others actually use it to help the people around them and to try to stop the violence.

I chose this picture not because it has anything to do with refugees but around a year ago I found this dog who was tied to a tree with no food nor water for I don’t know how long and she had a thin rope around her neck that was basically chocking her. I found her in that situation and I was so saddened by the fact that someone would do such a thing. So I took her in, I gave her food, water, a bath and I took her to a vet. A week later I found a great family who wanted to adopt her and she’s been with them ever since. The reason why I chose this picture is to show that you don’t have change the lives of millions in order to make change. By helping just one soul at a time you can achieve change and improve the living situation of that person, animal or anything in general.