The State Of JavaScript: Front-End Frameworks
Sacha Greif

Very interesting survey result. Having worked with several of these javascript frameworks, I would like to understand from the survey how many people have the framework in production for money making applications. My experience suggest that several of these frameworks or not ready for primetime without a lot of heavy lifting.

Aurelia just went production status. Angular 2 is in RC 5 and is still changing daily on many fronts. I do believe Angular 2 holds promise but, several months out before truly stable enough for production consideration.

I have found Angularjs is pretty sound at release level 1.5.

Have not tried Vue, Backbone or Ember, just lost intrest on learning yet a new framework. I’ve reviewed but, did not see a clear advantage to the technology.

I’m not sure React can be consider a framework, except maybe for UI design, There is so many other libraries one needs to bring to the mix if you look to assemble a “true Framework”, like Redux (i.e flux design concept).

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