New App “At Work” Allows colleagues to schedule 8 hrs at work

At Work App prototype

Many of us finding difficulties managing our work hours, sometimes we put lots of time on the tasks which necessarily do not require that much effort or we invest very little time on the tasks that need more effort.
Live “At Work” app prototype development in Adobe XD Environment

Girjesh is testing At Work App prototype

The Idea was to create an app which lets every team member know what they are working on and how much time he/she will be putting in that task. So team members know the status of the colleague immediately. Team members can view tasks of the colleague for a day (TODAY, Yesterday and for tomorrow), the team lead/manager can suggest tasks to any of his team members.

Mehaboob adding a task for Jordan

There are different types of tasks that anyone can add which includes (Task, meeting, vacation, away) the tasks are color coded to make it easy for users to identify type of task. The users can add a task like “Jordan is away for his kids vaccination” its color code is yellow which stats that Jordan is away and he is not on his desk.

The At Work app allows to create group chats to chat on particular task or subject and group creator can add multiple participants to participate in the group chat, the participants can chat, share photos, videos, links and documents. The chat and group chat allows to mention anyone to let him/her know that the discussion is needs his/her attention.

At Work app allows users to generate reports of the tasks he/she has done for a certain period of time i.e. weekly report, monthly or yearly. The report can be generated at PDF and or sent directly to anyone through an email.

Mehaboob is saving a generated PDF report

At Work app went through series of user testing and wire-frame changes, created versions of the app depending on the first Idea! sketched it discussed with colleagues, friends and people online about the app. Made changes in the sketches tested again and finally created high fidelity wire-frames.