Getting 💩 Done

Ever find yourself stuck? Yearning for more? Frustrated with a lack of growth? Defeated because you haven’t been able to do all the things you want to do?


I have all these grandiose ideas for my life that I don’t ever seem to have time for, such as:

  • finishing a weather app I started
  • finish my brand and create a design system
  • Touch up and color a comic strip I started a month ago
  • Start on another comic idea
  • Write and concept the pilot of a cartoon I want to create
  • Become fluent in Korean
  • Design a game (tabletop or video, meh)
  • Skateboard

Does your list of things you want to do resemble this? Maybe it’s different but just as long. Or maybe it’s longer. Ever feel completely overwhelmed when you look at the whole list?


Here’s the deal. Major 🔑 alert!

I’ve been following a lot of people who hustle hxc and wonder why I’m not like that. Coincidentally, Gary Vaynerchuk posted a video about how to hustle. His word of advice is don’t care what people think and you have the time so don’t come up with excuses and just do it.

My advice? Remove all the things that distract you from your goal. I know this is a paraphrase from someone famous who did amazing things but I can’t remember who. If you know who it is, let me know and I’ll include a note. I digress, the point is to put on the blinders and focus on your goal until it’s accomplished.

If you dare, join me in picking one of the items from your list and try to finish it. No deadline, although a deadline is a good way to push yourself, and let me know over on Twitter.

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