The Nintendo Switch

Thoughts, Musings, and Questions after the press conference.

Awesome Features

No region locking 

This means that I can get non-US without the hassle of importing and resetting the region settings. This really plays towards an awesome ecosystem of games across the world. I imagine this could really be something awesome for game developers too. I know it’s sorta niche but being able to play games from Korea and Japan have been something I’ve loved to do but has proven to have a hefty price tag and sketchy workarounds. No more. 🙂

WLAN Parties 

Remember the days where you’d get together with your GameCube and play Mario Kart and Smash Bros for hours with your friends all huddled in a circle around your “portable” tube TV? Now you can just bring the portable Switch and party it up! 🤘

Motion Controls are Still Around ⭐

One of the things I was uncertain of when Nintendo announced the Switch last fall was how they’d handle a whole generation of Wii players. Well, they did it. And I think they did it gracefully too. They downplayed motion controls a bit, but managed to keep them around. I really think they blended the two types of gaming really well. The Joy-cons can blend the gap between serious console gaming, on the go gaming and activity based gaming. ❤️

Neat Tech Features

Nintendo has put in some great efforts toward better tech with this system too. USB-C is probably the biggest highlight I can think of. They really nailed it on the updated tech specs. A few others to note are the advancements they’ve made with Rumble packs. I know it’s mostly a gimmick but the HD rumble is really great. I think this could really play into some of the experimental gameplay Nintendo introduced with the 3DS like using the mic to blow out torches in Phantom Hourglass or closing the DS to swap map tokens. I think the rumble feature could really enhance the more activity based gameplay with the Joy-con. Speaking of the Joy-con, I think the technology that they’ve included into those little controllers is amazing, it works with Amiibos and has an IR sensor for motion sensing and hand gestures! It reminds me of the Leap Motion. Lastly, the Joy-con seems really hard to hold but the strap attachment seems to be a great way to give it a little bit more real estate in the hand.


As with any Nintendo system, I always look forward to Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and another Super Mario Bros title. The Switch looks like it’s going to have some amazing games. I am especially looking forward to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Skyrim. Having Bethesda as a developer for Nintendo is a huge upgrade from the past game experience for Nintendo. I think this will really set the Switch up as a good competitor with Playstation and Xbox moving forward. Lastly, the 1 2 Switch game looks like it’ll be really fun. The idea of having people interact with each other without having to focus on the screen for a game is super cool. 1 2 Switch will be fun for parties for sure! 🎉


As with any console announcement, I’m still met with questions.

  • Are there going to be new miis and will they possibly more HD and less cartoony?
  • Can you use a pro controller on the go? (i.e. WLAN smash bros at the park)
  • Will Smash Bros circuits be more awesome now with bring your own consoles?
  • Will there be a new Smash Bros?
  • Do you smash, bro?
  • Can you LAN when the Switch is in the base station?
  • Why is the battery life so bad?
  • Will the DS be dead after 2017?

These are my initial thoughts. I may revisit this post-release/purchase of the Switch. Thanks for reading. 👋

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