Reasons Why The Blue World City Will Be A Pak-China Friendly Community
Oct 5, 2019 · 6 min read
Blue World City

The Blue World City is a luxury-borne residential community that has been exclusively funded by the Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China. The investors of the housing society signed an MOU earlier this year with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China for the construction and development of this housing society. The purpose is to make the project a huge real estate initiative that will result in a fascinating Pak-China friendly community.

With its impressive range of facilities and amenities for residents, the blue world city plans to become one of the finest residential hubs in the area. The lavish housing community also includes a splendid overseas block for foreigners, especially Chinese who wish to stay in Pakistan and prefer luxury accommodation.

The Blue Group Of Companies (BGC)

The Blue group of companies began operations around 1989 in Lahore by providing state-of-the-art construction and architectural design services to its clients. The firm quickly gathered a positive reputation of being a professional and reliable firm that offered premium quality customer services. With it’s innovative and high-tech construction services, it soon became hugely popular among its customers.

The company is considered a diverse commercial hub for the following services:

· Development

· Marketing

· Architectural design

· Construction & Real estate

· Commercial printing

· IT support and a range of other high-tech services

With an employee base of 300, it’s one of the most diverse real estate firms in the market.

Aside from this service mix, the firm also deals in retail business, comprising of an array of it’s own clothing brands and convenience retail outlets.

Blue World City

The investors have future plans of turning this modern housing society into a highly productive residential hub for its occupants. Moreover, it plans to be a Pak-China friendly society for the following reasons:

Chinese Construction & Investment

The investors plan on turning the Blue World City into a unique housing society by utilizing modern Chinese and Pakistani construction tools and techniques. The idea is to incorporate international standards of living to meet the requirements of residents who prefer peaceful and high quality living. The society will include facilities like Health & education, recreational amenities and commercial avenues to make it the best residential community in Islamabad for both Chinese and Pakistanis.

Quick Access To CPEC Route

The Blue World City provides quick access to the CPEC route because it’s situated near the Chinese route. The CPEC route has been specifically constructed by the Chinese professionals to enhance trade ties for the two countries. The housing project will help in the influx of traders and investors to the route and the city. This will eventually lead to higher business and residential opportunities for the community and CPEC.

Cutting Edge Construction Technology

The housing community already has breathtaking architecture with serene and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Through the use of latest technology for construction, the Chinese officials have helped promote scenic beauty and luxury living in the area. The Master plan for the community will include architectural elements inspired by the Chinese methods of construction. The officials also plan on using state of the art equipment to offer quality accommodation to residents that meets international standards of living.

Higher Volume Of Chinese Residents

With the housing community, there will be a huge number of Chinese residents moving to the Blue World City. There are plans to set up a separate block or zone for almost 10,000 of these residents in the community that will further help enhance the collaboration between the two nations. The investors are still deciding whether the Chinese residents should be given accommodation through ownership rights or plots as part of a substitute strategy.

Blue World City
Blue World City
Blue World City

Blue World City-Overseas Block

A significant reason why the community will enhance friendship ties between Pakistan and China is the development of the Overseas Block. This has been recently launched and has been exclusively designed to offer lavish facilities to overseas Pakistanis especially Chinese workers for the CPEC. It’s fast becoming a dominant feature of the Blue World City and a safe investment opportunity for Pakistanis residing abroad.

Currently the investors are offering a limited number of plots in this block on a first come first serve policy. The block consists of high quality residential facilities and remarkable architecture making it ideal for those who enjoy comfortable living.

The zone will be a Chinese-dominant block that will improve interaction between Pakistani and Chinese residents. With the block offering a blend of Pakistani and Chinese inspired construction features, it will certainly be a Pak-China friendly society for the inhabitants.

Ideal Location Of The Overseas Block In Blue World City

The Blue World City has an ideal location that will provide a direct connection with the Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city through the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The link will be constructed within two years’ time providing easy commute for the community.

The Overseas block specifically has direct link from Chakri Road and will have it’s own designated gate. This will be connected to the main gate of the community which is almost nearing completion. It will offer easy access to the Chinese residents for CPEC routes and links within the Islamabad City.

Because of the convenient and feasible location, a lot of local and foreign investors are being lured into the housing project. With it’s planned expansive routing network, the community will provide residents with stress-free commute and convenient transportation.

Distinctive Features Of Overseas Block in Blue World City

The Blue World City has been crafted to provide its residents with international accommodation standards. The features and facilities included have been designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of overseas Pakistanis and the Chinese. Standout characteristics of the community include the following:

· Easy Access to New Islamabad Airport

· Play Area & Mini Golf Club

· Blue Mart Department Store Chain

· Identified Gate Entry System

· Guest Waiting Area

· 24-Hours Health Services with Ambulance

· Overseas Lagoon Club

· E-Tag System

· Gated Community

· 24 Hours CCTV Security

· Few minutes’ drive from M-2 Motorway

· Mosques

· Restaurants

· Parks & Jogging Tracks

· Green Service Area

Blue World City

From a residential and economical perspective, the Blue World City plans to be a real Pak-China friendly hub. It’s the first new housing project in Pakistan that aims at bringing the two countries closer. The construction plans and strategy will result in a large number of job openings for both Pakistanis and Chinese professionals while promoting foreign investment in the region. It will not only increase the collaboration between the two nations but bring more peace, development and harmony for Pakistan as well. is your premium destination for investing in the real estate market. Buy the house of your dreams or get a commercial building on rent without any stress through a seamless process. We have been helping our customers make the most out of their investments in the real estate industry in Pakistan. Our team has been dedicated to our mission of morphing the industry into a highly productive market for more than a decade. Gharbaar’s vision is further leveraged by this specific belief where we are committed to focus on quality rather than quantity.

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