Thoughts Waking Up №1

The new roommates were loud as hell at 4:30am. Not going to throw up a red flag yet, they’ve been here less than a month. The age difference between us is clear, the OG roommate and I are old. In fact, I’m the oldest in the house. The tides of time are changing, and they aren’t in my favor anymore. One thing I’ve noticed living with strangers is that I’m more caring and cognizant of their entire existence. I’ve always been that way though. I’m realizing that this is a trait that not many people possess, along with listening. It’s every man for him or herself out there, and that’s what’s wrong with the world today.

We’re just tiny little specs. This, whatever THIS is, is all bigger than us. Life is easier when you work alongside everyone. Forget who you are, forget who they are, and just be. You only get one life, so why make it hard?

I say all this to say, instead of throwing a fit for being abruptly awakened, I’m going to take this opportunity to write, and catch up on some reading.

Thanks new roommates,

— G.

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