How i became to know what i did not know

Well i just read the biography of the most beautiful person 21st century could take pride on. Abdul Sattar Edhi, I am sure every Pakistani knows who he is and what he did for all of us. of all the things he did what i really love is how he gave shelter to people without asking their gender, race, religion or even birth status. I recently learned some principles from Amal career prep fellowship course and I think that Edhi was always genuine to himself, he did what he loved. he never took his feelings for granted he was always self sufficient and when he found he loved doing things for others he literally gave up everything and starting working for other people who needed him.

now, i would like to share my experience (till now) of dreaming something and not just dreaming but to give real life to my dream.

it all started with me looking for jobs or internships all around and finding myself exclusively not suitable for many positions because mainly people are hiring interns from marketing background or those who already interned for like years.

experience like that puts you in a state of depression. i saw how my sister who recently graduated from Lahore college with a silver medal and 3.9 GPA and excellent skills was rejected by a prestigious school because they were looking for a simple B.A. thats ridiculous how some employers have this very strange needs.

but coming back to what really motivated me for my project was that our house maids, servants and all that community is not getting their rights. I personally know some rich aunties who are always saying stuff like we are doing something for poor people and some have opened trusts and NGOs but when I see how they treat their own maids i got confused because they hardly think of them as humans.

think of yourself do you really think that paying thousand or so to your maid is enough for her hard work? she leaves her house to clean yours, she is not your slave!

My idea was to create a website or an organization which will hire these maids as employees, they will have a decent salary and we will back them in every way possible. that is how finding maids will also becomes easy and they will have a guardian shelter too. we will make sure that their kids do not engage in much house work and continue their education.

For this business to develop I have aligned these three tasks;

  1. To find a place where I can learn how to do business? How actually entrepreneurship woks?
  2. To create a meaningful Idea to present to others and to find like-minded people and have a team
  3. To make sure that I can speak up in front of public about my business idea and to tell my vision with confidence to an unknown public

in a short summary that’s how my these three tasks were done!

my sister whom i mentioned earlier has the same mindset not that same but we agreed upon this idea, my beloved friend also agreed to join the team and appreciated the idea, we also contacted one other person and she also agreed to join the team. well to make them agree was a bit tricky because next thing was to apply at startup school which obviously cost a fee.

after our team was made we applied for the MIT enterprise boot camp in collaboration with Information Technology University, competition was tough 57 other teams also applied but we got selected and came up at the fourth position.

now came the real challenge we made our idea documented, I wrote the whole idea my mission my vision and also my goals. I presented and explained two times in front of the unknown audience about what my idea will look like. I never knew I could.

i never knew i will get selected i never knew i will be writing about this. i learned that sticking to your dreams is the key. i am not even closer to what i dream of but somehow i am trying.

woah! and I also gave the elevator pitch and you know what the best part is that I am the CEO of our not running hypothetically existing company. I am on way and hope to make things happen. I now know how difficult it is gonna be but I will try my best.

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