Strutting Leo

So what is a meme?

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Memes are basically the pictures with some text that explains different situations. I think they are made for fun! :D

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I’m 100% sure that you already knew that because everyone remembers that funny moment when they were laughing at a funny meme that they see on the internet.

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So let’s talk about the famous “Strutting Leo” meme…

Strutting Leo is a famous photoshop meme of Leonardo Dicaprio while he is walking happily on the set of the famous science fiction movie “Inception”

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In August 19th, 2009 the entertainment blog Celebrity-Gossip published the post “Leonardo Dicaprio and Ellen Page: Filming in Paris”

On August 29th, Redditor Wolf Tweak published a post called “Simple into Mordor” which was a photoshopped image of DiCaprio strutting through scenes in the Lord of the Rings series.

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On September 26th, YouTuber jkilaaa uploaded a music video called “Jay Kila — Leo Strut (Official Video)”, that contains animations of original DiCaprio photograph walking through several images followed by the rap song “Leo Strut.”

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On October 4th, The Washington Post published a blog post called “Strutting Leo DiCaprio Meme Hits Warp Speed.”

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By August 6th, 2012 the “Strutting Leo” Facebook page has got over 9,200 likes.

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So that’s it for the Strutting Leo meme…


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