10/20 and 11/20 Charlotte: Seoul Food Meat Company and Golden Cow Creamery

The first summer I ever spent in NC was right after my freshman year of college at NC State. I went to NJ for the first half of the summer but came back in July to attend a summer school class. I would love to make it seem as if my decision to take a summer school class was based on a passion to learn something unrelated to my major during a few carefree weeks of the summer. However, I think I would have hard time convincing anyone that Differential Equations was my passion so I’ll just come clean and say I was repeating a class with hopes of getting a (much) better grade. Gasp! I’ll save the life lesson that came with this whole re-do for the day Oprah invites me to Soul Sunday and instead just share that summers in NC are not quite like summers in NJ. First, you have to get used to the heat and apparently that means accepting the fact that when the Allman Brothers play at Walnut Creek you are going to sweat through your clothes even if the sun went down hours earlier. Second, it meant getting used to the beach being hours away and needing two tanks of gas. Yes, I know there are parts of NJ that may be hours from the ocean but I don’t know that many people from that part of the state so it does not count. Remember, this is my blog and I get to decide what counts. In other ways, summers in NJ and NC are quite alike. When I think about the things I did back in NJ during the 80s or in Raleigh during the 90s or in Charlotte this past summer there are a few common themes: Summer concerts, summer treats and summer daytrips. In fact, my 20/20 Charlotte experiences fell quite nicely into my traditional summer routine. So, over the course of the next week, I will share a recap of all the Charlotte goodness that went on this past summer and up first is family night in South End.

Seoul Food Meat Company and Golden Cow Creamery

On the last day of school (a.k.a. “the first night of summer” for parents of school aged kids), we went to Seoul Food Meat Company for dinner. It was our first time which was crazy because it had been on my radar for awhile. I sometimes worry about taking the kids to new restaurants if it’s not obvious the place is going to be kid-friendly. To be clear, this is not a worry that keeps me up at night as my kids have aged but I do try to avoid bringing them to any place that has a large number of vaping patrons and/or brags about $2 drafts. The good news was Seoul was a great cross section of hipster twenty-somethings and families and there did not appear to be any large puffs of fake smoke so we were good. The delightful server helped us pick out a variety of wings and some amazing sides including a nest of sweet potato deliciousness. While the food was great, I also liked checking out their Karaoke rooms and thinking about all the wonderful people in my life who I wanted to bring back for a good old 80s sing-a-long. In addition, we all enjoyed playing on the the back patio that was full of obscure yet highly entertaining table games. I love when places have these sort of adult playgrounds because I am usually able to master at least one of the activities and I get instant street cred with my little people. Speaking of, the kids enjoyed their Seoul experience but were ready to check out the ice cream place around the corner so we and headed next to Golden Cow Creamery.

We walked up to get ice cream and stumbled upon a line that was out the door. As a general rule, I am “not a line” person and for better or worse (really worse) I am raising two “not-a-line” children. We pride ourselves on pre-purchasing tickets to attractions so we don’t have to wait in line. We can even talk ourselves out of pretty much any landmark if the line looks too ridiculous. However, when it comes to ice cream, it is clear my alter ego has a sweet tooth and I have no issue waiting. The good news was the line moved fairly quickly and pretty soon we were all putting in our orders and shoving ice cream in our faces. I went for the Salted Oreo which did it’s job in putting a smile on my face and assuring me once again that everything is better when Oreos are involved. As we started to leave, it started to dawn on me how I probably would not have known about this place had we not driven by it on our way to dinner. I decided perhaps I could do an entire 20/20 series on ice cream places so I could find out what else I am missing. Can you even imagine? Instead of racing to the punchline, consider this an official 20/20 Charlotte cliff hanger and come back in a few days to read more about the other fun ice cream shops I visited this summer. In the meantime, thanks for letting me share a few fun highlights from our big night in South End.

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