14/20: Charlotte’s Little Conveniences…

Throughout the years, I have learned to appreciate how important it is to be self-aware. For me, being self aware is being in touch and grateful for your super powers. It’s laughing yet working through your issues. It’s distinguishing between luck and hard work but showing grace for those who don’t. It’s also knowing that the people who are kind enough to check out your blog for 1–2 minutes of mild entertainment are not looking for a big life lesson from someone with absolutely zero qualifications to be handing them out. So, the purpose of that whole preamble (which was more ramble than preamble) was to share a few things I know about myself.

I am proud to be an extrovert. I like to make people laugh. Despite all the work I have done on myself, I still worry about things I can’t control. I am a good public speaker. I tend to fill silence with my voice but don’t always know when I am doing it. I am disciplined and can rock a goal like nobody’s business. I cry way too easily but also know it’s because my compassion for others runs deep. And, I consider time a precious commodity and get irrationally upset when it’s wasted. I actually think the modern amenities of this decade were created not just for whiz-bang millennials but rather people like me who place significant value on time. I was outsourcing errands way before there were a gazillion apps for it. However, this past year, I have taken my relationship with third party vendors across Charlotte to a new whole level.

First, there is 2ULaundry. I will admit there are people in my life who would not last one load because they are way too particular about their drying habits. I am talking to you and your 1949 clothes line, Amanda Wrigley! For me, however, the idea of sticking my clothes in a bag and having them return 24 hours later nicely folded is one of the most beautiful sights of my week.

Second, there is Waggle, the dog-walking start-up. I admit, using Waggle is less about saving time and more about making sure sweet Duffy gets a chance to go out on the days when nobody is home. However, the good people at Waggle have made the process of signing up and/or canceling service so easy that I put them in the category of “things that give me back time”.

Third, there is Instacart. Yes, I realize this is not a Charlotte-specific phenomenon. However, I want to still give the online grocery delivery service a big shout out because it was made for people like me. People that arrive at the store only to realize they left the list at home and waste the next 20 minutes struggling to remember what they wrote down. Being able to make it all happen from my phone is like magic.

Fourth, there is Brewpublik. Andy was the one who introduced me to Brewpublik and frankly is the one who benefits the most from this cool, beer delivery service. We love trying new beers and this saves us from aimlessly walking around the grocery store checking out labels that look/sound interesting.

Fifth, there is Daymaker. Did you really think I would make a list of fabulous online services that are changing my life and not make a plug for our holiday platform? Right now, everyone is kicking off the holiday season and hopefully thinking about a way to give back. Daymaker makes holiday giving easy, impactful and meaningful for the entire family. Amongst the 15,000 kids we plan to help this holiday season, there are tons from Charlotte so check us out: daymaker.com.

I could probably go on about a few other conveniences that I have incorporated into my life as part of my 20/20 journey but I want to get back to giving you all wisdom about life. Just kidding! May you all enjoy the extra few minutes of time I am giving you by wrapping this up without a grand finale…